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The Dive Flag happens to be the image for your remarkable sport of scuba diving in latest historical past. This one of a kind flag is acknowledged by lots of but is a lot more then simply a symbol for scuba diving. For most parts, area guidelines and policies involve one most use a dive flag although diving. Here in The usa, the dive flag is usually a pink flag having a white diagonal stripe working ordinarily functioning in the top remaining corner to The underside 스포츠중계 suitable corner.

Dive flags which usually are vinyl, are mounted in a variety of approaches, whether or not it be about the boat your diving from or maybe the common fiberglass staff in which the flag is stiffened which has a wire to ensure it stands out from the staff members always. When diving without having a boat the flag is frequently held afloat by securely connected float. There are a number of other attachments that secure a dive flag to an internal tube and also other buoyant objects.


Whichever way you choose to mount your dive flag, you have to be sure it Evidently seen to other boaters. Legislation demanding how far boats should keep from dive flags differ from point out to state and internationally but distances ordinarily vary from fifty to one hundred fifty toes. Divers are often necessary to area inside 25 ft from the flag, instead of doing so could possibly be lethal http://www.bbc.co.uk/search?q=스포츠중계 to your diver. In case your diving region is much larger then the space authorized by regulation, several dive flags need to be used which are divided then no extra then one hundred feet aside to ensure boaters can see and obey the legislation. Internationally, the alpha flag, a swallow-tailed blue and white flag, is made use of when diving from the vessel. The dive flag is not just one particular of your respective most inexpensive purchases in scuba diving but will also one of your most vital.